About me

Paweł Madej

My name is Paweł Madej (you can call me Paul Madej in English). I have pharmacy degree and work as Pharmacy Manager in Poland. After hours I am husband and father. My other me is geek 😉.

For more than 14 years I have been administering own linux servers for personal and friends purpose (Mainly email servers dovecot postfix and many antispam addons and some lamp stacks) sited on own hardware dedicated and vps’es.

During this time I have also done less or more PHP programming and have written order management system for my wifes company using Symfony framework.

In 2019 I started learning Swift and iOS development and now this is my main point of interest. Feel free to contact me if you have any question. I hope that i will know the answer to it.

I am author of two iOS apps Code Conf and Family Graves Map.

Recently I have also released two open source libraries written in Swift: TwitterText and UnicodeURL

I am also open to broaden my horizons so do not let my formal pharmacy degree to keep you from contacting me 😉.

If you are interested in more details about my project please visit Projects page.

About this page

On this page you will find my writings mostly about it software hardware development. Some hacking and hackintosh findings. From time to time reviews of software and hardware that I use and can recommend. From more personal items there can be some food recipes category. You will find here my also my most interesting stackoverflow / slack dev questions and resolutions for them.

As this is my personal page above list of topics covered is not complete. I am not a story teller so my posts and articles are rather technical and concrete.

Despite of fact that my native language is Polish this whole page is written in English. Some articles / twitter notes can be in Polish language but this won’t be a rule.

Disclaimer This page can contain affiliate links. Every page containing such link will be marked. If you use them I will get minor payment for items that you buy from this links. I do not insist nor push you to do so but if you would use it I thank you very much.