Past projects

Mail Server Appliance

This draft of project description!

Firstly on synchro ethernet 100/100 mbit on IBM Netfinity 7100 on 6 SCSI Raid disks on bare metal, next in virtualized appliance using VMware Server, then few different Polish hosting providers like VPS hetzner dedicated server

Mail server was maintained for me, my family and my fellow friend Bakus. At most we hosted there two dozen of domains with about ten mailbox each and lots of aliases.

Mail server also provided support for distribution of mailing list from (between 5k and 10k mails for every issue)

After closing many side projects I decided to move few domains that’s lasted to vps with. managed mail server and stop maintaining this setup.

If you want to learn more about this project read articles which I wrote about its latest version here …


PHP Programming

Biggest project done: Cuculo ERP

Order Management Web App written using Symfony framework and PHP and PostgreSQL database.

This app was build to manage orders gained by team of telemarketers using my other project described on this page (Micro GPS connected Call Center) All functionality was done to make clear workflow from prospect client then lead, sale, document signing and order completion. App had also built in importer for external data about orders.

Project started in early 2014 and was in use till 1Q2016. During this time it helped processing more than 5000 orders.

+ many other minor scripts, addons, shell scripts


GSM connected mini Call Center


I had started GSM connected mini Call Center project in ~1Q 2015 and with minor modifications it was live and in use until end of 1Q 2016. During this time it handled more than 70 000 calls.

My main goal was to allow making voice calls in location where internet was to slow to use VoIP and there was no possibility to attach more analog phone lines.


I have found open source sofware for managing Call Center calls, phone databases and call results - Vicidial. As a communication backend was used Asterisk.

Whole appliance was served from OpenSuse Linux distribution on two physical servers. GSM layer of appliance was done on dozen of GPRS Modems (Huawei E156G with unlocked voice capabilities 1). As a connector between asterisk and modems I have used chan_dongle asterisk module. As I was unable to configure asterisk as VoIP server for Vicidial and the same time route connections to GSM modems I needed to setup second physical server as GSM gateway. It was bridged to main asterisk server via IPX protocol. Telemarketers were making calls using Zoiper VoIP client app on their PC’s.

Call graph:

Telemarketer (Zoiper) > via SIP > Main Asterisk > Vicidial > via SIP (join background call with free telemarketer) > Main Asterisk > via IPX > Asterisk (at GSM gateway) > via chan_dongle > GSM Modem


This setup allowed to make [n-1] 2 simultaneous calls with one background call dialing to lower next call wait time for next free telemarketer after he ended his previous call.

Before introduction of this project this Call Center used orinary mobile phones. While appliance was enabled in the Call Center it helped to better maintain employee time and gave a lot higher connection / call time ratio than manual calling via mobile phone. With use of my other project - CuculoERP it allowed generating better global revenue and control over employee time. It also allowed creation of call campaigns and more targeted calls.

  1. DC-Unlocker 

  2. n - number of connected GSM modems 


Linux Server administration

14 years of linux server administration knowledge on SOHO market (mostly Ubuntu Server Edition LTS)

Web Applications Administration

Call Center Administration (OpenSuse)


PLC Programming

I have made few programs for Delta PLC DVP Series Units using ladder logic with usage of digital and analog IO’s and Modbus links to external systems.

Rain Water Filtering Station

My program had to manage collecting and filtering of rain water for reuse in toilets in office building in Warsaw, Poland. Building has two underground floors and eight office floors with overall floor area of 26 850 m2 and height of 30 m.

Filtering Station consisted of two tanks:

Main functionality was to manage collected water, refine it through filters and prepare for usage in buffer tank. When there was no rain buffer tank was filled with water from city water supplies. When there was to much of rain water it was drained to sewage system. For continuous work system had pump set which pumped filtered water to the toilets in the whole building.

My program needed to collect data from numerous sensors, manage valves, filtration system and pumps. It also had timers in between for proper pump set maintenance. System was connected to building BMS via MODBUS RTU.

Cooling system management

Where: Radiotherapy section of Hospital, Warsaw What: Cooling system and ventilation automation

This program managed timed work of two independent 2 pump sets for continuous work. It also had to manage freon leak from cooling system. When freon sensor alarmed about leak program had to open fire dumper, air throttle and turn ventilators on. Program managed also visual and sound alarm to notify people nearby about leak. After freon sensor informed that leak is gone, system kept ventilation on for few minutes more. Alarm could be reset only by responsible technical person after confirmation that leak is gone.