PHP Programming

Biggest project done: Cuculo ERP

Order Management Web App written using Symfony framework and PHP and PostgreSQL database.

  • ERP Application for Call Center to take orders after phone calls, order workflow, agents database, order statuses, filtering
  • based on Symfony 2 Framework
  • Doctrine ORM as bridge between application and database
  • PostgreSQL database
  • written mostly in PHP 5, minor addons of JS
  • implemented ACL’s
  • orders taken since deployment - almost 4000

This app was build to manage orders gained by team of telemarketers using my other project described on this page (Micro GPS connected Call Center) All functionality was done to make clear workflow from prospect client then lead, sale, document signing and order completion. App had also built in importer for external data about orders.

Project started in early 2014 and was in use till 1Q2016. During this time it helped processing more than 5000 orders.

+ many other minor scripts, addons, shell scripts

Paweł Madej Paweł Madej