Linux Server administration

14 years of linux server administration knowledge on SOHO market (mostly Ubuntu Server Edition LTS)

  • mail server deployment & administration (based on Dovecot, Postfix, Sieve Filters, Amavis, Spamassassin, Roundcube) - about 25 domains and 100 active mail accounts
  • relational database administration (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL)
  • web server administration (nginx, apache, php)
  • automated backup deployment (bacula)
  • data migrations (databases, mail accounts) between servers
  • mail server security improvements (DKIM, OpenDMARC, SPF, TLS)
  • SSL certificates implementation for mail and web services
  • basic automations with Ansible (DNS management, web server configuration)

Web Applications Administration

  • IP.Board
  • Wordpress / Woocommerce
  • phpBB
  • Roundcube
  • Web Database Administration Panels

Call Center Administration (OpenSuse)

  • deployment and daily administration of dialer application “Vicidial” for 6 seat mini Call Center
  • two server setup (1st dialer, 2nd GSM gateway)
  • invented by myself solution to use GSM USB dongles as calling gateways
  • more than 70 000 connections made since deployment

Paweł Madej Paweł Madej