Mail Server Appliance

This draft of project description!

Firstly on synchro ethernet 100/100 mbit on IBM Netfinity 7100 on 6 SCSI Raid disks on bare metal, next in virtualized appliance using VMware Server, then few different Polish hosting providers like VPS hetzner dedicated server

  • SMTP side was always based on Postfix
  • IMAP side was firstly on Courier-IMAP and later Dovecot 2.0
  • Antivirus - ClamAV
  • Antispam - Spamassassin + Amavis + plugins (block list SPF DKIM)
  • Greylist - dropped because of delays and dropped incoming mails, replaced with other restrictive rules
  • Webmail - Roundcube Webmail
  • Db backend - mysql later MariaDB
  • Mailbox Admin - at first raw DB edit then replaced with VimBadmin
  • Mtpolicyd
  • OpenDKIM
  • OpenDMARC

Mail server was maintained for me, my family and my fellow friend Bakus. At most we hosted there two dozen of domains with about ten mailbox each and lots of aliases.

Mail server also provided support for distribution of mailing list from (between 5k and 10k mails for every issue)

After closing many side projects I decided to move few domains that’s lasted to vps with. managed mail server and stop maintaining this setup.

If you want to learn more about this project read articles which I wrote about its latest version here …

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