This site uses Jekyll Static Site Generator with plugins jekyll-webmention_io, jekyll-assets and jekyll-redirect-from.

Layout is generated using Bootstrap. Sitemap and feeds are generated with Jekyll’s Liquid templates.

Wherever relevant it uses microformats2 HTML tags, and supports Webmentions.

New content from this site is syndicated to Twitter and GitHub during every rebuild with use of Bridgy.

Source of this page is version controlled using Git repository and stored on GitHub.

When there is new content pushed to repository it new static files are generated and deployed to my hosting using CircleCI.

This site and its design tries to comply with IndieWeb methodology and philosophy to Publish My Own Content on My Site and later Syndicate it Somewhere Else.

For easy interaction with Twitter I use WorkingCopy 1 and [Tweetbot] 2 Apps and custom Shortcuts on my iOS device. ATM this way I can easily like and reply to others tweets. More options planned ;)

For new content creation on iOS I use [iA Writer] 3 App.

  1. Working Copy App review (not written yet) 

  2. Tweetbot App review (not written yet) 

  3. iA Writer App review (not written yet)