Webmention send to brid.gy only triggered when syndication link inline of post - comment 3

Reply to issue: https://github.com/aarongustafson/jekyll-webmention_io/issues/128

this is not an issue, I have that issue also for this github issue, and this comments. And for twitter likes and new “tweets” that do not have at all reply-to

in template source there is microformats class="u-in-reply-to" when it is relevant. where not I do not use it in template and in front matter

https://pawelmadej.com/notes here you have all sources and all those you find on <brid.gy/twitter/PawelMadejCK> or <brid.gy/github/nysander> are only those that have syndication link inside post source. All with template only syndication link are not sent at all.