Webmention send to brid.gy only triggered when syndication link inline of post - reply

Reply to issue: https://github.com/aarongustafson/jekyll-webmention_io/issues/128

I have turned on debugging and cleared cache.

this is test post file:

layout: note
reply-to: https://twitter.com/PawelMadejCK/status/1172787087441047552
date: 2019-09-14 22:57:00 +0200
hashtags: [ syndication, test]
syndicate: true
categories: note
This is only reply test, nothing to read ... do not disturb yourself :)

I have ran bundle exec jekyll build --verbose

result from outgoing.yml

https://www.pawelmadej.com/note/225700/: {}

if you open source of above link you will see that syndication url is under <article> section - this url is from template.